Artisan Anecdotes

Essential Baking-Essentially Good

We all know that baking is truly an art form. One can definitely tell the difference between quality bread, and a loaf that is cheaply made and mass produced. Bread made with the best ingredients, care, attention and passion, is something you can taste, and it's like no other. Artisan bread makes every sandwich taste… Continue reading Essential Baking-Essentially Good

Artisan Anecdotes, Farmer Facts

Badger Mountain Vineyards- Setting the Standard

  Badger Mountain Wines began on an 80 acre estate in the Columbia Valley in 1982. After only six years, founder Bill Powers, and his son Greg made the decision to move their vineyard in an organic direction after spending some time growing grapes for Chateau Ste Michelle. 1988 was the first year they produced… Continue reading Badger Mountain Vineyards- Setting the Standard

Artisan Anecdotes

Miyoko’s Kitchen- More than a Cultured Nut Product

Miyoko Schinner is more than just the face behind the name of Miyoko's Kitchen. She is founder and CEO, and is the author of multiple cookbooks. She has taught cooking demos while she lived in Japan, and has owned multiple natural food businesses prior to her founding Miyoko's including a bakery, restaurant, and natural food… Continue reading Miyoko’s Kitchen- More than a Cultured Nut Product

Artisan Anecdotes

Sujin’s- Fermented Perfection

Sujin is a woman who wears many hats: local artisan, restaurant owner, mother, Food Coop supporter, and farmer's market vendor. As owner of Tokyo Restaurant here in Anacortes since 1993, she noticed that many people in our area suffered from digestive related diseases. In 2015, she decided to start making kimchi to sell to the… Continue reading Sujin’s- Fermented Perfection