Our Coop Team

Our staff are all committed to providing excellent customer service and making the Coop vision and mission a reality on a day-to-day basis.

The best way to reach Coop staff is always to email us at anacortesfoodcoop@gmail.com. That is the one, permanent Anacortes Food Coop team email. The Coop is democratically managed, so the entire team embraces the Cooperative mentality and are members working together to provide great service and support to other members.

Donnie Burleson (Stockroom)

Terri Ludemann (Barista and Clerk)terri.foodcoop@gmail.com

Lela Shifton (Finance, Produce, and Dairy Manager – Employee Director) lela.foodcoop@gmail.com

Matt Schuh (General Merchandising Manager)matts.foodcoop@gmail.com

Rachel “Cool Beans” Muntean (Cafe Owner – Alternate Employee Director) rachelscoolbeans@gmail.com

Support Staff:

Amy Angelli (Marketing and Back Office) – amy.foodcoop@gmail.com

Ariel Gould (Bookkeeper and Backup Clerk) – ariel@shamballacentre.com

Sheri Muntean (Accountant and Backup Clerk) sheri@shamballacentre.com