Benefits of becoming an Anacortes Food Co-op member include:

1. You OWN THE COOP! Individual members have the right to vote at the annual meeting and on any decisions deferred to the members.

2. Eligibility to serve on the Board of Directors or Coop committees.

3. Receive member benefits! The Coop has specials for their members every month.

4. Receive dividends based on the amounts you purchase and Coop net income each year.

Each membership covers the member and one additional individual. The additional individual must be named upon sign-up.  He/she must be either the member’s spouse, or an individual who lives and regularly dines with the member.

Current Membership Rates:

$100 stock in the Coop + $25 first, non-refundable, annual fee = $125 (annual fees are due for the first four years of membership)

LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP! $100 stock in the Coop + $25 non-refundable, annual fee (first 4 years) = $200

Membership Application

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