Come support your local co-op!

We are now open for business, accepting both public and members. We supply local produce and products from Skagit, Whatcom, Island, and our awesome Salish Islands. Everything is either organic or local, we practice sustainable living and business. In hopes to spark a stronger culture and connection with our lands, we welcome you to come on in :)

9 AM - 6 PM Monday - Friday
10 AM - 4 PM Saturday

(Though this is the given hour, we are usually there before- after- and even on Sundays. So feel free to call Brian 360.333.7777 if you want to check if we are there!)

Currently you can get:

Dairy Products (Whole Milk, Goat Milk, Cheeses, Yogurts, Butter)
Eggs (Duck & Chicken)
Meat (Beef, Chicken, Pork, Lamb)
Flour (Brown Rice, Spelt, All Purpose, GF Flour, etc)
Granola & Hazelnuts
Ice Cream

But we are still stocking items daily, so please make sure to check us out. You never know what will sprout up next!

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Help us build Anacortes's first food cooperative


It's about time we get a food cooperative in Anacortes. With your help, we can raise funds and gain memberships to build a food cooperative that we can ALL get involved in.

Cooperatives have been around since the early 1400s. They are owned and operated by the community, making them reflective of a community's values and supportive in various aspects of life. Not only does a food cooperative help us make healthier choices, it can help educate and strengthen the bond between consumer and source. Food cooperatives are also a great way to get access to uncommon foods, namely local and sustainably produced ingredients. 

So don't think of the Anacortes Food Co-op as just another store, because this will be our store, that strives to give back to the community. 


Now's the time to join the efforts in building a cooperative in our Anacortes. 

Now's the time we take control over what food and products we promote as a community.

Now's the time to grow together, remember 

Community grows together. 

Future Food Cooperative Anacortes, WA

Future Food Cooperative Anacortes, WA

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