The Anacortes Food Coop, where “Community Grows Together”

Vision: Grow a healthy and connected community by offering products and services based on cooperative and sustainable principles.

Mission: A member-owned grocery store that provides food, goods and services that are local, organic or sustainably grown, and creates a gathering place for education about food, health, sustainability and local resources.


  • Seek out local options
  • Be socially and environmentally responsible
  • Encourage informed choices
  • Use cooperative economics
  • Encourage sustainability
  • Grow community
  • Operate democratically and transparently
  • Be informative
  • Be fiscally responsible

Articles of Organization: 2015-12-15 Articles of Organization OF WOVEN DREAM ANACORTES FOOD COOP


Minutes: You are welcome to email us at for a copy of any of the past Member or Board meeting minutes.

Conflict of Interest Policy: 2016-12-07 AFC Conflict of Interest Policy

Whistleblower Policy: 2016-12-07 AFC Whistleblower Policy

The Anacortes Food Coop also has internal, written policies and procedures and employee handbooks. The Coop is democratically managed, with all employee-team members working together to manage tasks, not each other. The Cooperative is also a social business, working to assure all Anacortes community members have equal opportunity to be owners and have a say in their food Coop! For more information, see the Membership page.