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Miyoko’s Kitchen- More than a Cultured Nut Product

Miyoko Schinner is more than just the face behind the name of Miyoko’s Kitchen. She is founder and CEO, and is the author of multiple cookbooks. She has taught cooking demos while she lived in Japan, and has owned multiple natural food businesses prior to her founding Miyoko’s including a bakery, restaurant, and natural food manufacturing company. She is a passionate vegan, and hopes to bring her passion and knowledge to others. Miyoko’s Kitchen actually started with a desire Miyoko had to try and recreate the many varieties of texture and flavor that dairy cheeses possess, and these attempts and much research led to publishing the book Artisan Vegan Cheese, giving vegans the opportunity to make these creations at home. Many people asked her to make the cheese herself and sell it, even though the book was successful. It was out of this demand that Miyoko’s Kitchen was born.

Thanks to much hard work and research on the part of Miyoko and her team, they have developed numerous cheese varieties. Double cream chive, fresh or smoked vegan mozzarella, aged or smoked farmhouse, and vegan butter. These products look so much like dairy cheeses, you would be hard pressed to tell the difference side by side. She has also worked hard to make sure they taste much like dairy cheese, even employing cheesemaking techniques used with dairy products. Their passion and effort have won Miyoko’s products many prestigious awards. Miyoko’s uses no palm oil, and all products are organic and non GMO, and they are also cholesterol free. Thanks to California law, Miyoko had to get creative when naming her product, because they would not allow her to call it cheese since it is not made from dairy products. So, she decided to call it “cultured nut product” instead to avoid any lengthy legal battles such as those fought by companies that manufacture soy milk. Miyoko’s products are the perfect addition to that cheese platter for your next party, salad, or sandwich.


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