This Month’s Winners!

Every month, two members win 10% off the ENTIRE next month!

How do you qualify?

Photo courtesy of Courtney Hedger on Unsplash

(1) Be a member of the Anacortes Food Coop. Yay! And,

(2) Spend over $50 at a single visit to the Anacortes Food Coop. You are entered to win every time you do! The more often you spend $50, the greater your chance to win.


(1) Be a member of the Anacortes Food Coop. Yay, again! And,

(2) Spend more on groceries during the month than any other member. Meaning, the member who spends the most money at the Anacortes Food Coop each month automatically wins.

December’s winners of the January 10% discount were Corinne Sayler and Louise Riersen.

Thanks for supporting the Anacortes Food Coop!


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