Attention Members

Dear Members & Supporters of our Coop,
    We invite you to attend a special Anacortes Food Coop meeting tomorrow night, October 30th at 6:15pm at the Coop. Recent months have seen a significant downturn in sales and customers at the Coop and we are at the point where we may not be able to keep the store in operation much longer without a outpouring of support.
     This special meeting is for you, the Board of Directors, the Coop manager, and our guest Deborah Craig from the Northwest Cooperative Development Center to discuss the issues we face and the survival of the Coop. We will be welcoming suggestions from all members as we consider:
  • The sales for the previous months and the impact on our budget, along with the overall financial outlook for the store
  • Ways for the membership to support the Coop – sales, volunteerism, etc
  • Suggestions from the membership to increase the store sales and keep the store operating

We would really appreciate your support in attending the meeting! We cannot stress enough how much the Coop relies on our members regularly shopping at the store. We are here to serve the community and feedback from our members is essential! We want to hear your thoughts about options for the future of our Coop.

Thank you and hope to see you soon!
AFC Team

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