Member Meeting

Date: Saturday, November 10th

Time: 4 PM
Location: Anacortes Public Library (this post will be updated with more location information or if the venue changes)
We invite you to a special Member Meeting next Saturday, November 10th.   This special meeting is for you, the Board of Directors, and the Coop manager to discuss the challenges our Coop currently faces. We will be welcoming suggestions from all members as we consider:
  • Declining store sales and ideas/options for increasing traffic and membership
  • Ways for the membership to support the Coop – sales, volunteerism, etc
  • Staffing turnover for the store as our current staff prepare to leave and we create a plan to bring in and train new hires and volunteers.

We will also be sharing the minutes from our last special meeting. There was a lot of discussion about important next steps for the Coop Board and members to take as we continue to strive for sustainability. We created some great goals to work toward! But as always, we want to hear more from you because the #1 goal for the Coop is to serve the community and our members. 

See you soon!

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