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What’s Fresh – October 18, 2017

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Fresh stuff in right now! Fun white sweet corn and Heirloom Sweet PURPLE Indian corn, brussel sprouts, radishes, Grapes from Guemes, and Hayton Strawberries & Blackberries fresh this week- Amazing!

October sales items are
  • Ancient Harvest Penne Pasta
  • Annie’s boxed vegan shells & sauce and Annie’s Shells and Cheddar
  • Annie’s salad dressings
  • Bare Fruit Cinnamon Apple Chips
  • BioKleen 64 oz liquid laundry soap
  • Pacific Natural Soups 32 oz
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Be sure to look for the pink 20% off tags!! And don’t forget your turkey orders!! 

The Coop has a TON of new products in the store. We now have baby food/snack packs (man, they are yummy), the Forager cashew probiotic smoothies, and the beautiful BPA free canned goods. Also, we have in Cascadian Farms frozen fruit and veg!

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