October 5, 2017 E-Newsletter



This Sunday, October 8 5:30-7 at the Depot Arts & Community Center, 611 R Ave

We will start with a potluck dinner and social time, followed by a short membership meeting.  Then there will be time for questions and answers. Co-ops are all about connectivity and democratic decision making.  This is a great opportunity for us to grow together!

The Coop will provide some healthy appetizers. Please bring a potluck dish and your own plate, bowl, mug and utensils. If you have a bounty from your garden that you would like to trade or share, please bring it with you. For more information, call Sara at 360-293-4263 or email

The Board of Directors generally meets semi-monthly.  The next meeting is October 18,  8:30 am at Shambala Centre, 3306 K Ave.  Members are welcome to attend.


The Coop has several options for ordering turkeys:

 Turkeys are available from 6 to 30 lbs from 4 different options:
Natural (no added antibiotics or hormones) from Minnesota, $2.58
Free range from Diestel in California, $3.88/pound
Organic, free range from Diestel Heidi’s in California, $5.18/pound
Organic, free range, local from Windy N Ranch in Ellensburg, $11.70-$14.30/pound (slower-growing heritage breed, available up to 16 lbs)
Prices could potentially change, but the maximum increase would be $0.20 more per pound.
Orders should ideally be placed by October 15 to ensure desired turkey size.  The turkeys will be delivered fresh (not frozen) the Tuesday before Thanksgiving (Nov 21).  If a member would prefer that it be delivered the Thursday of the previous week (Nov 16), we can arrange for that.  Turkey orders placed toward the end of the month may be delivered frozen and be from limited sizes.  It is imperative that you pick up your turkey on delivery day due to our limited fridge space!
What we need to know in order to place your order:
-What grade of turkey?
-What size of turkey, between 6 and 30 pounds?
-We will try to get as close to your desired size in 2 lb increments.  If we are unable to get your exact weight, would you prefer us to go next size up or next size down?
-Lastly we will be taking a 75% deposit and you are all set!


Election Time

Ballots will be mailed around October 20th.  Transition Fidalgo will hold a candidate forum at their monthly potluck, Tuesday, October 24.

Halloween Party, Saturday, October 29

at Kennelly Keys Music, Commercial Ave
Costume Contest, Beer Garden, $10 suggested donation.
Benefits Anacortes Youth Music Lessons.

Follow us on Facebook! If you like what we post please share with your friends to help spread the word about the Coop. Thanks for being great, we owe our success to you, Anacortes. 

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