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Cascadian Farm-Saving our Farms one Bee at a Time

Cascadian Farm started out 40 years ago, and was founded by Greg Kahn. He wanted to farm organically in ways that would not be harmful to the land, and he set out on this journey using a piece of property right on the Skagit River. They have partnered with organizations that share their vision of a healthier earth and sustainable farming practices. One such partnership is with the Xerces Society, an organization dedicated to protecting pollinators through its Pollinator Conservation Program. 75 percent of our crop plants rely on pollinators to survive. The two began a collaboration in 2014, and they have worked together to develop a 1/4 acre meadow at Cascadian Farm to increase the flowering plant population on the farm, thereby providing a habitat for native bees to thrive. As part of this project, Cascadian Farm decided to rely solely on native bees for their pollination efforts, and their crop yield has actually remained unchanged since it was implemented.

Cascadian Farm is proud to be part of the Non-GMO project, and they have enrolled all of their products in the program, which have been produced without GMOs from the very beginning. So far, nine of their products have been verified by the Non-GMO Project.

If you are someone who makes an effort to support companies that are involved in worthwhile endeavors, Cascadian Farm is a company you who’s products you can purchase with confidence, knowing that they are taking great cafe to be good stewards of the earth.

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