What’s Fresh!

Washington State University Extension has MANY amazing resources on their website about how to grow, preserve, and enjoy local produce. We are going to share their produce “Harvest of the Month” page, which also has access to all their other resources, as it gives information about their favorite fresh fruit or vegetable each month, as well as a resource sheet with recipies and other fun information – visit http://extension.wsu.edu/skagit/harvest-of-the-month/

PickYourOwn.org has a lovely resource, pictured here, that shows what fruits and veg are fresh in Washington each month. You can go to the Coop’s “What’s Fresh” newsletter to see what bounty we have in the Coop at any time!

Washington State Typical Crop Ripening Dates / Harvest Calendar


April May June July Aug Sept Oct Nov
Apricots X X
Blackberries X X
Blueberries X X X
Boysenberries X X
Cherries X X X
Currants X X X
Figs X X X
Gooseberries X X
Loganberries X X
Marionberries X X
Melons X X X
Nectarines X X
Peaches X X
Pears X X
Plums X X
Quince X
Raspberries X X X
Raspberries, Fall X X X
Rhubarb X X X
Strawberries X X
Strawberries, Everbearing X X X X
Tayberries X X


June July August September October
Beans, Green mid July X X
Beets mid July X X mid-Oct
Carrots mid-Sept X
Cauliflower late July X X
Corn, sweet mid July X X mid-Oct
Cucumbers X mid-Sept
Dill X mid-Sept
Garlic X X mid-Oct
Green Peppers mid-August X
Gourds X X
Lettuce, Leaf & Head X X X mid-Sept
Onions (Walla Walla) mid July mid-August
Peas X mid-August
Pumpkins mid-Sept X
Squash, Winter mid-Sept X
Squash, Summer X X X
Tomatoes X X X
Zucchini X X X X


The following pear harvest chart should cover western Washington. Choose the earlier date for southwest Washington and the later date for more northerly or colder areas.

  • Aurora August 19 – September 9
  • Clapp Favorite August 20 – September 1
  • Bennett August 22 – September 3
  • Bartlett August 25 – September 5
  • Rescue August 25 – September 10
  • Orcas August 28 – September 15
  • Sirrine September 4 – September 12
  • Flemish Beauty September 10 – September 26
  • Comice September 19 – October 9
  • Seckel September 25 – October 9
  • Highland September 25 – October 12
  • Anjou September 25-October 15
  • Bosc September 25-October 15
  • El Dorad October 1 – October 21

Read more at http://www.pickyourown.org/WAharvestcalendar.htm#17tCM1JVpJL5bqXD.99

If you’re curious about what crops contribute the most to Washington Agricultural income, check out this information from the WA Department of Agriculture – https://agr.wa.gov/AgInWA/

And the USDA – https://www.nass.usda.gov/Quick_Stats/Ag_Overview/stateOverview.php?state=WASHINGTON