We would love to hear about your interest in volunteering:  Please fill out Volunteer Application.

Here is a list of volunteer opportunities.  Maybe you have other ideas to offer as well!

In Store

Refresh labels on products

Straighten shelves, restock

Clean around the store

Take home rags to launder

Take home cardboard to be recycled

Make displays

Help with inventory

Plant Care

Evaluate prices and do comparisons at grocery stores

Share ideas/evaluations on product selections


In Community

Distribute brochures and posters

Promotional speaking at community groups

Occasionally host table at Farmers Market

Represent the Coop as a volunteer at community events



Offer to teach a skill or share nutrition knowledge

Help with repair or minor construction (shelves)

Visit farms and do farm reports

Hospitality  – plan for refreshments, etc. at annual meeting and other events


Communications and Marketing

Newsletter editor or reporter

Share recipes, articles for newsletter

Design and update brochures and signs

Social media and website updates


Financial and Legal

Help with audits

Fundraising activities

Legal and real estate advice


Serve on committees

Volunteer and employment

Product Research

Business Planning

Marketing and Outreach


Serve on board (elected position)