We love our Coop Community! Here are some Testimonials from customers about the Coop experience.

This is OUR Co-op Anacortes. Get there. Great food and Hana options and All Local. Super friendly staff and volunteers.

Carlann Copps

Beautifully put together, and remains true to core cooperative values. Dedicated support of local goods and services. High quality representation of what it means to be part of a community effort. Love it.

Piper McCullough

Well done! The facility looks great. Phase one is getting established and offers the community a fresh variety of veggies, meats, cheeses, sundries, dairy, fresh flowers and kombucha as a bonus.

Joan Barlow

I love this place! Amazing produce, meats etc. The staff makes you feel at home and truly care about the food they stock.

Nichole Kean

Alexis is soo dreamy! Brian is kewl too. The mercantile is from the heart and good for the soul.

Andy Chang

I love love love Anacortes Food Co-op. Employees are knowledgeable and very friendly. It’s small but hey you have to start somewhere. Good selection of foods for the small size of the store.

Meghan Davis

Though small, this budding coop has some of the most beautiful and varied local food I’ve ever seen. Biggest and freshest mushrooms I’ve ever seen? Check. Cricket pancake mix? Check. The best, fresh cheese and yogurt from Samish Bay? Check. Melon/cucumber hybrid? Check. Yum. I love this place.

Sheri Allison Muntean