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Ingredient Insights

The Allium Family- More Than Just Onions

Ingredients such as garlic and onion are essential to many recipes, providing the foundation on which good flavor is built. When we are using these ingredients, we are actually using something coming from the same family. The Allium family includes garlic, onions, shallots, leeks, scallions, and chives. This family is high in sulfuric compounds, which… Continue reading The Allium Family- More Than Just Onions

Coop Kitchen, Vegetarian/Vegan

Pasta with Fresh Spring Vegetables

As Spring comes into full swing, colorful and fresh dishes are always at the forefront. This is an easy meal to toss together at the end of a long busy day. If you don't eat dairy, simply omit the cheese and substitute the butter with good quality olive oil. Feel free also to add or… Continue reading Pasta with Fresh Spring Vegetables

Newsletter, What's Fresh

What’s Fresh- Week of April 16th, 2018

We hope you are all staying dry in this rainy weather we've been having. With any luck, this wet weather will mean more lovely produce for us all to enjoy! In the coming weeks, we have some events coming up that are of note. This weekend, the Coop is going to have a booth at… Continue reading What’s Fresh- Week of April 16th, 2018

Ingredient Insights

Rhubarb- The Pie Plant

Spring means it's time for rhubarb. Most often associated with pies, rhubarb is actually not a fruit at all, it's a vegetable! Rhubarb is beautiful, healthy, and has many culinary applications beyond pie. The earliest recorded cultivation of rhubarb was in ancient China, where it was used for a wide range of medicinal purposes including… Continue reading Rhubarb- The Pie Plant

Coop Kitchen, Gluten Free, Vegetarian/Vegan

Rhubarb Jam

It's that time of year again for rhubarb! It's for more than just for pairing with strawberries. Have you ever tried it on it's own? If you are looking for new ways to use rhubarb, why not try making jam? With few ingredients and easy preparation, this is a good recipe to try for those… Continue reading Rhubarb Jam

Newsletter, What's Fresh

What’s Fresh- Week of April 9th, 2018

We've got a lot of exciting produce this week! If you've been looking forward to some fresh rhubarb for jams, pies, and pastries, you are in luck, we've got it this week! With our rainy weather these past few days it's the perfect time to do some baking. At the end of this month we… Continue reading What’s Fresh- Week of April 9th, 2018

Coop Kitchen

Vegan Chocolate Cake with Avocado Chocolate Frosting

Who doesn't need a little chocolate in their life? Especially this time of year, with our rainy weather and tax season upon us. There are so many ways to make a good chocolate cake, and vegan desserts are wonderful! The great thing about a cake like this is that even if you're out of eggs,… Continue reading Vegan Chocolate Cake with Avocado Chocolate Frosting

Ingredient Insights

Beets- Bright and Beautiful

Do you ever see beets at a local store or farmers market and wonder what to do with them, or perhaps feel somewhat of an aversion because you have only had them canned? Beets are actually quite versatile, good for you, and more than just something in a can you find on a restaurant salad… Continue reading Beets- Bright and Beautiful

Coop Kitchen

Leek and Spinach Quiche

This is a beautiful dish to add to your Easter brunch table this Sunday, and a great way to use some our fresh veggies in the store this week. We also have farm fresh eggs from three different farms for you to choose from! This quiche is light, flavorful, and a wonderful accompaniment to a… Continue reading Leek and Spinach Quiche