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Mt Erie Gardens – Dedicated to beautiful food

When naming his farm, Keith commented, “it isn’t big enough to be called Mt Erie Farm, it is more of a garden.” Keith Lungren of Mt Erie Gardens is one of our favorite farmers at the Anacortes Food Coop. He has been a tremendous supporter of the Coop – bringing us veggies for our members sometimes the very day we request them. He has been by the Coop’s side since inception, donating food and always growing what the Anacortes community and Coop loves.

Keith, Mt Erie Gardens

A Message from Keith:

Growing food/flowers has always been a part of my life…so many needs and desires satisfied.  The challenge of having Mother Nature as a partner can be daunting,  but soooo satisfying.  She will surprise you and help you and crush you and please you and feed you and starve you and upset you and test you and never stop her persistence at being predictably unpredictable.

My fascination with fruit, vegetable, and flower variety and our ability to grow these innumerable choices HERE on Fidalgo Island, seem to push and pull me daily. Nature and nurture, I suppose.  My grandfather, his sister, and brother, homesteaded in eastern Washington in the late 1890s…….my genetic guidance.  The nurture part of my life/gardening equation started with trips to the blueberry patch and apricot trees of my early childhood……..and I still live for them !!

Organic ?  Naturally grown ?  Perhaps my greatest lesson in, and total avoidance of chemicals in gardening came from my father.  Always helping my mother, he very thoughtfully mulched all of her tomato plants, one summer day, with grass clippings from his “Scott’s Weed and Feed” sprayed yard……killed every tomato plant.  You can guess my mother’s reaction………etched in my mind forever : ) !!!!!           So, no chemicals on or in your food from me.

Gorgeous, dry summer, we enjoyed.  Delicious veggies.  Beautiful apples.  Sugar Maple leaves turning.  Hard work that is play.  Love it !

Let us know what you would like more of and we will see.  Always planning ahead………catalogues are coming : )


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