Gift Memberships

The Anacortes Food Coop is devoted to the concept of community ownership and social business. It is important that all members of the Anacortes Community have equal access to ownership.

Photo by Austin Schmid on Unsplash

Therefore, if you would like to sponsor a low-income membership, all you have to do is let our Coop staff know, and they can add your anonymous sponsorship to your receipt. In fact, we have had some members who have sponsored over ten members! There is no better way to support your community and the Coop.

If you live under 200% of the poverty line or carry an EBT (food stamp) card or Provider 1 health insurance card and would like to become a member, be sure to ask our clerk if the Coop has any gift memberships available. If they are available, all you have to pay is the $25 non-refundable, annual fee (for four years), and you are a full, voting member.